what are the conditions for an agreement

How can you be one of the candidates?
Just show your works!!

Just send us a selection of 10 works with the specifics, by mail: info@arpsgallery.com
These are the conditions:

1. the transport costs are on the responsibility of the artist

2. the gallerist provides all the handling: unpack and pack, we frame the works, hang them, make photos of the exhibition, put them on the facebook page. we take care of the insurance, we provide you with advice about the Dutch art market.
we print your name and hang the price list, we will mail our relations in a newsletter.

3. we take care of the windows.

4. There is no commission. 

5. The works will hang minimum 10 days, mounting and dismounting day included. 
The gallerist will professionally pack the works and send them back within 14 days, when not sold. 

6. . Payments of the sale will go directly to your bank account or if you wish through cash Western Union.
Works will be delivered to clients only after you have received the payment.

7. The artist or donor donates minimum  300 euro to the TeachforLife Foundation. 

This foundation is providing creative workshops to children in a deprived situation, to teach them how to develop their creative skills..

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