how to calculate costs of transportation

most people use
You can use a normal regulare fare arrangement, no need to do it express.

Our zipcode is NL 1058 VD, Arubastraat 1, Amsterdam, Europe

If you send us your zipcode, size and weight of your parcels, we can calculatd the costs and advice.

The gallery uses the regular transportcompany PostNL. Track and Trace

One example
Last week we have sent two parcels with paper works behind glass and framed. We taped the glass as a grid with paper tape. We wrapped the pieces in bubble foil, then we wrapped it in a carton box. We put the boxes together in a larger box, and we wrapped that box again with foil and than with paper and lots  of tape. We kept the max size 100x50x50 cm weight between 10 and 20 kilo. It costed 34 euro per parcel.

So please keep things as simple as possible. In case you have work of the max size 40x60 or 50x70, we have simple aluminium  frames ready for you to frame it.

for security we labeled each single parcel, in case the outer box might open up.

 lots and lots and lots of tape

mailing these two parcels costed 70 euro in Europe

In the European Community there is no need to declare customs,
Between continents it is wise to fill out a form that the works are destinated to an art exhibition and no subject to trade. And that they will be back within 1 month aprox.

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