how does Arps&Co support your introduction in Amsterdam, NL

What is al included in this programme?

  • we design an invite and send this by email to 3000 relations/art lovers and put it on Facebook
  • we print cards and a qr code for the works on exhibition
  • we prepare a certificate of authenticity for each art piece
  • we edit the artists biography, print it and put it on display in the windows
  • we put ten selected works on the website and create a personal page for the artist
  • we put a personal gallery on the website and put a selection on the front page
  • we mount the whole exhibition ( and dismount it and wrap and send the parcels)
  • we advice on the artist possibilities on the Dutch art market
  • we connect all artists participating in the WinWin programme worldwide
  • we provide a simple but adequate residence for artists for 25 euro pro person per day
  • we organise a meet&greet for the residing artist to meet experts in the field and we serve a typical Dutch catering, soup, salad and delicious dessert
  • we promote the artists name in the children programme of the Foundation Teach for Life

painting snow trees by Monica Forrer  - design invite Jina Lee by Inge de Groot

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