How do we proceed?

1st step: show us your work, describe materials, sizes and prices, include an artistic statement about your work

2nd step: we make a selection on the following point:

  1. professional skills
  2. cultural meaning
  3. chance you can make it with our public
  4. when we see your work is fit for this situation we proceed

3rd step you send

  1. a biography and a portrait-picture that we can use on the site
  2. a selection of the works that you want to send
  3. the practical instructions about framing, hanging, weight etc.

4th step

  1. we send you a written agreement
  2. we confirm the dates - here we might have a skype conversation
5th step
  1. you sign the agreement, we return the confirmation
  2. you donate 300 euro to the Foundation TeachforLife
  3. you send the works to us at least three weeks before the exhibition date, we need to achieve it one day before starting the mounting, depending on the framing
6th step
  1. we unpack and and hang the works. you can dispose of our simple aluminium frames
  2. you include a well printed price list and information about the artist
  3. we put the works and the information on the site
  4. we put the announcement on the regular local art-information sites
  5. we invite our clients and business relation
  6. we send you digital pictures of the window exhibition
  7. in case you are equipped to do so, please put the exhibition on your site
7th step
  1. procedure of the selling: as regular, clients can take an option for ten days
  2. clients receive a certificate of authenticity
  3. clients pay directly to the bank account of the artist, or cash through Western Union
  4. when you give a sign of receipt of the money, we will deliver the work
  5. clients pay for the delivery costs
  6. there is no gallery commission involved
8th step
  1. after ten days, we dismount the exhibition, pack the works
  2. we inform you about the transportation costs, 
  3. within 14 days we send the works in return
  4. we exchange an  evaluation form about the  whole experience and might proceed with a follow up in the future

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