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Arubastraat 1 Window Gallery in february

Amsterdam based gallery Arps&Co fine art since 1902 runs different locations.
We encourage and present programmes that aim to sustain, renew or improve the quality of artistic endeavour across cultures. With a focus on international and interdisciplinary projects, we are interested in the exchange of ideas and the broadening of perspectives, in fostering creative expression from the roots of the community to the heights of the artistic establishment.

In 1902, Wim Arps started Arps & Co in the Nobelstreet, The Hague. It became a very popular art gallery, purveyor to the Royal Household and a meeting place for contemporary artists. 
One hundred years later in 2002 we renewed this initiative to gather fine artworks and foster creative endeavour by creating a virtual meeting place at www.Arpsgallery.com based in Amsterdam.

In 2006 we have landed at our main location the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam

The Arps&Co Gallery frequents some smaller international Art Fairs, such as the MIA , the Milan Imaging Art Fair in, Italy, the FOTOFEVER artfair in Paris and occasionally the Afforable Artfair in Amsterdam. From these fairs we developped some sustainable connections worldwide with galleries in Paris, Milan, Munich, Seoul, Tokyo.

Espace Pierre Cardin FOTOFEVER

In 2006 we opened a windows gallery at the Arubastraat 1. This gallery aims to present artists unknown to the Amsterdam public.The presentation is less stressed, open to a broader and younger public and the prices are adapted.

After this  succes we continued in 2008  to create pop-up galleries on different locations in the city aiming to fetch certain art types on the locations we might find suitable for the artwork and the public that frequent it. This is how we pop up at the STUDIOLINGUA with art linked to Italy. We show digital designed art at the Gallery Hooffzaak at the Haarlemmerdijk.At Tierrafino - a clay factory  we expose fine arts that is linked to the works of Jozef Beuys. We organized some art festivals, such as: the Fellini Festival together with the Film Museum and the Italian Institute for Culture. A mayor phylosophical itemcame to light in the exhibition Quantum Science and the Consiousness involving 5 scientists.

Galerie Hooffzaak Haarlemmerdijk

In 2008 we started the linkedin group Fine Art professionals and collectors. 

In 2011 we started an educational project with a Governemental subsidy. It aims to make Highschools buy art through a student art-committee that is allowed to actually give a commission to an artist or an artist group. The webiste is called : Aboutart, It is in Dutch of course.We sustain this with an educational program, an interactive website and a multimedial platform.www.overdekunst.nl

This year in 2013 we want to revive the windows gallery and give it a  new boost in our so-called WIN-WIN programm.The bottom of the story is, that we always have wanted a world-wide circle of professionally skilled and visonairy artists that are involved with the same thought: let art stand in the daylight and not be kept in cellars and containers. Let art be the best of ourselves to share with a broad public.

We believe that we came  far enough to succeed with this new  window gallery project, and introduce worldwide talents, since we are connected with a linkedin group counting almost twenty thousand members.

Arps & Co are dedicated to bringing a wide variety of fine art to as broad a public as possible.


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  1. bonjour! je suis une artiste peintre et sculptrice française. Je vis et travaille dans le sud de la France près de Perpignan, 2à km de la mer méditerrannée. Je peinds et fais des boites à rêves, sculptures et assemblages d'objets depuis 30 ans. j'ai reçu un 1er prix d'art abstrait à Barcelone. Je serais interessée par une exposition de peintures et boites à rêves dans votre galerie. Pourriez vous m'indiquer comment faire? Merci de regarder mon site : http://www.dominiquebertrand.com Bonne continuation, vos projets sont ambitieux et très intéressants. A bientôt!